Lightning – What’s in it for me?

Lightning is very much like Marmite / Vegemite – you either love it or hate. There is no inbetween. Seriously, you love it or dislike it.


I personally have found a new love with Lightning and this has reopened my passion for Salesforce once again. Why though you ask? The reason is simply that Lightning gives you new and exciting possibilities with the system that aren’t currently available in Classic. It’s also helped reinvent the way a admin can manage the platform by allowing new functionality that would have previously required a developer.

Things like Kanban, Utility Bar (my new best friend), Sales Path, Assistant etc. will take your current awesome org and make it look like its been pumped up on ‘roid juice’.

Everywhere I have looked on the internet (apart from Salesforce and the Salesforce Success Community) shows posts that seem to want to put Lightning in a bad light but why? I will say that there are some issues that are slightly annoying such as the two column home page, maximum of 4 related list columns and campaign members related list is a graph rather than details but these are literally just a few which arent even worth worrying about. One of the main themes that I find people moan about the most is url hacking or more precisely, the inability to do so. In my opinion, if you have to heavily rely on url hacking then you have built a really shi*ty solution as this should be rarely used. As a solution, why not use actions instead which are really awesome or some funky Visual Flow solution that you saw being covered in the Salesforce Automation Hour recently?

With that aside, what you really want to be asking yourself is “Will Lightning stop me or my users from working?” No, unless you have some heavily over the top customisation then you’re up a creek without a paddle.


All I will say is that in my fortunate experience, our Sales team actually PREFER Lightning for its simplistic approach so maybe its time for a change of scenery?



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