The Cowbell of Chrome Extensions

Are you an  #AwesomeAdmin ? Do you love working on Salesforce every day? Do you get frustrated when you need to see what the api name is for a field? When creating formulas, do you like the cascading effect? Do you switch between multiple orgs regularly? Do you like color coded org tabs? Are you fed up of reading these questions?


Well, worry no more as Salesforce MVP Enrico Murru is here to save the day with his very own Chrome extension ‘Salesforce ORGanizer‘ or ‘ORGanizer’ for short.


This extension has personally enabled me to retire 3 other extensions and possibly a 4th by the end of the month which is always a good thing. Some of this extensions capabilities are:

  • Login to ORGs
  • Check currently opened ORGs
  • Call frequently used links in one click
  • Fast queries
  • Execute Apex code on the fly
  • Auto Complete SOQL queries plus many many more


Enrico describing ORGanizer in his own words:

“ORGanizer has been created to help with the day-to-day functionality of a Salesforce Developer/Administrator.

Having 9 years of experience using the platform, I needed a way to store my user credentials in different ways (password, token, OAuth) to move easily between different Salesforce ORGs with a single click on the same browser window. Some of the daily pain points I was experiencing were:

  • Not being able to easily recognize which tab belongs to which
  • Quickly being able to access standard or custom ORG links (from setup links to custom apex pages),
  • To use a console of plugins right inside a Salesforce tab,

As a result, I decided enough was enough and went on to create the ORGanizer Chrome Extension. The ORGanizer brings together all these features, enhanced day by day thanks to the power of the Salesforce Developers community.

In a few months of being live, there has been more than 140 change requests and bug reports which have been delivered, with an additional 35 requests to be delivered in the next release. My aim is to have 1 new release a month and I am hoping that this is going to be a huge Salesforce Chrome extension supported by (as of now) more than 1000 active users.

This is an awesome adventure in which I casually stepped into at the end of 2016 which has given me satisfaction, love from the community and that is bringing productivity and good feelings to the Salesforce Community.”

So, what are you waiting for? Go and download it right meow and add some more Cowbell to your Salesforce experience!


Please comment below on what your thoughts or suggestions for this extensions are

I do not condone  Canadian Home Invasions


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