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Summer 17 Release Notes


So, the Summer 17 release is nearly available and as I am easily pleased, here are some of the things I can’t wait for:

Keyboard shortcuts – Whilst working in Lightning Experience you can now search for, edit, save, and close a record directly from your keyboard. So simple yet so awesome.

To view the available keyboard shortcuts, press:

  • Windows: Ctrl+/
  • macOS: Cmd+/

Keyboard Shortcuts

This is even better if you have one of those laptops where the mousepad has a mind of its own!

Adding Utility Icons – If you love the Utilities Bar then this tweak makes life even sweeter. To modify an icon image you had to manually insert the LDS Icon name to change. Now you have a pop-up window to make your selection.

Utility Icon

Make Lightning Experience the Only Experience – Need I say more. After all your hard work, you can now enforce your users to appreciate your ultimate creation and not switch back. This has to be by far the best part of the Summer release.

You Use Lightning

Preview Case Details with Case Hovers – Users can hover over cases to get a sneak peek at the details, including the description and latest update. No more opening the case record to get important information—talk about a time saver!Case Hover LEX

Field History – The long-awaited functionality of being able to see field history/tracking on your record in Lightning is now here! If you have the related list showing in Classic then it will now appear in the Lightning experience. This makes it more exciting than the POTUS at a wrestling match


Dashboard Filters – This is the one thing I love about dashboards in Classic and now it’s available in Lightning.


The final one that in my opinion makes me actually want to buy a beer for the person who did this is:

“Last Refreshed” Warning – Ever get that email/call from Sales where they say they are looking at the Sales Performance dashboard and the figures are just all wrong. They spent the WHOLE day entering new Opportunities and even filled in all the fields but the figures are way out. In their opinion it’s a waste of their precious time and that Salesforce is to blame. You then go on to tell them that if they had looked at the dashboard properly they would have noticed in hadn’t been refreshed in the last week. #WhyAdminsDrink

Sound familiar? Well worry no more. There is a big warning icon to notify them that it hasn’t been updated in a while – what more could you want?

Dashboard Last Updated.JPG

I hope you found this informative and easily digestible. What are some of the new feature/enhancements that you are looking forward to seeing/using?

For a full comprehensive list of all the updates coming in the Summer 17 release then please look at the ‘release notes for adults’ that Salesforce painstakingly put together for each new release which can be found here .

I also want to mention that images and wording (not all) in this blog were taken from the release notes but interpreted in my own weird way. If I done bad, then I’m sorry…