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Winter 18 Release Notes


So, the Winter 18 release is nearly here and as I am easily pleased, here are some of the things I can’t wait for:

Out of Office – Users always set their OOO on email but have been unable to in Salesforce. It has always been an annoying thing when you Chatter a user regarding something important only to find out that they haven’t been in the office for the last week! Well, now when you go to mention a user you will now see an OOO meesage next to their name to highlight that they are not in the office – so sweet!



Lightning Background Colour – So one of the things a lot of people mentioned about Lightning is the lack of contrast/density between headers and sections. Well, Salesforce have now improved on that with a funky Trailhead background for the time being but i dont think it will be too long before you will be able to customise this to your hearts content. To access this, go to Setup > User Interface > Themes and Branding and ENSURE it’s switched on


Lightning Background


Enhanced Lightning Report Builder – OMG, this is fr*ggin awesome and love the way the report builder has been setup as it now reflects the Lightning experience.



Clone Lightning Pages –  One of the things that bugged the hell out of me was when I need to create Lightning pages. Previously, if you were creating different layouts based on app preference for example, then you would have to create a new one everytime which was very laborious. Now you have the ability to clone an existing page to make your life a whole lot easier/sweeter. Personally, I could kiss the person(s) who created this simple functionality.

Emojis in Chatter – For those people who cant write a sentence without the use of an emoji somewhere then you’ll be please to know that emojis are now available in Winter 18. As the Salesforce Release Notes say, “Even in business, there’s a place for evil pumpkin heads!”. Personally, I can’t wait for the arrival of GIFs if that ever happens!?



Opening Favourities – You can now open your favourities in a tab using right mouse click

Release Logo – So one of the things I instantly noticed is Trailhead is now the face of the release logos with Winter Astro/Yeti Astro/Skiing Astro representing Winter 18.



For a full comprehensive list of all the updates coming in the Winter 18 release then please look at the ‘release notes for adults’ that Salesforce painstakingly put together for each new release which can be found here.

If you’re not on Lightning and you ‘prefer’ Classic then shame on you!